[LH2866] CTRL+A doesn't work to change font color

I like to do my own “track changes” sometimes and add things in red, and after I like to use CTRL+A to highlight the finished text to get it back to black, but when the entire text is selected and I press the font color black, nothing happens.

This should work (although I’d recommend using the “Remove Color” option rather than setting it to black, as this will allow you to globally change the font’s display colour in the editor or composition mode). Are you perhaps in Scrivenings mode? This hasn’t yet been set up to allow editing text selections across documents, so that’s the one case I can think of where you’d see your selection in the editor but changing the text colour wouldn’t have any effect. Make sure that View > Scrivenings is not selected in the menu.

If that doesn’t seem to be the trouble, could you provide specific steps for reproducing this? Does it occur in a new project?

I wasn’t in scrivenings mode, but I am working in a file created in scrivener 1.9.

It doesn’t occur in a new project.

I can manually highlight a few paragraphs at a time, but where I have inserted comments, it seems to prevent the text color from changing, even the remove color option.

Could you send a copy of the project, with instructions for where to select, to
win3beta@literatureandlatte.com? You can create a zip copy via File > Back Up > Back Up To.... It seems there’s something particular about the text in the document you’re selecting, so seeing it first-hand would help determine what’s preventing this from working.

I sent a copy to the email address provided, titled the email Re: [JH] CTRL+A doesn’t work to change font color.

Thank you, that helped to see what’s going on. The problem is that your document starts with an inline annotation. If you exclude that from the selection, e.g. place the cursor on the line below it and then use Ctrl+Shift+End to select from there to the end of the document, the text should change colour as expected.

Normally, if a selection contains an inline annotation but also other text on either side, changing the text colour should change the regular text. When the insertion point is in an annotation, however, or the selection begins in an annotation, the colour applies to the annotation rather than the main text. This isn’t working quite correctly at the moment, so the colour is not applying correctly to the annotation–it’s not applying in your case, when it should, and is applying when the annotation is contained within a larger selection (this is filed as a bug)–but at least in your sample document, beginning the selection outside the annotation should work since there are not other annotations in the text.

Thank you :smiley: