[LH2891] Improperly selected text block after hitting Tab in Scriptwriting mode

I have defined an element called Voiceover which has the action to create another Voiceover element if I hit Tab. When I hit Tab after typing and at the end of the line, it works as expected.

On Mac 3.01 and iOS versions, it works as expected also. However, there are times when I have wanted to split the element in two to add a Shot element in between. When I hit Tab in the middle of the Voiceover element on Mac or iOS , it works the same way, as seen in the before and after screenshots for Mac.

But if I do the same thing on Windows in the middle of the Voiceover element, it makes the split Ok, and the next element is Voiceover which is intended, but it then selects the text block from the point selected to the end of the element.

If I recognize this and deselect it, then no problem. The problem is that occasionally I have moved the mouse elsewhere quickly, hit the Delete or Backspace key before deselecting and deleted the text block.

The same behavior occurs in 1.9.7. I recognize that in theory the eement action is only defined for Tab on blank line or Tab after typing, so I am doing something that is not quite supported, but it behaves ‘well’ on Mac and iOS, but not so well on Windows. So not sure if you would treat this as a bug or not.

Thanks! Tab should definitely be working correctly in the middle of a block of text. This has been filed.