[LH2901] : Word count does not update in search bar

Using Scrivener beta, on Windows 10 Pro version 1803.

The word counts that display when I mouse over the search bar are not updating while the project is open, but instead seem to remain frozen at their initial count, while other word count functions and displays seem to work normally.

I reproduced this in a new, blank project easily. In the new project both counts displayed as 0; after writing a bit in a document the status bar count was correct, but the search bar remained at 0 words | 0 words. Saving and switching to a different file in the project did not affect it. Closing and reopening the project, however, set both counts correctly until I began adding more words again.

Thanks! This should be fixed in the newest version.

Awesome possum. Thanks, y’all.

Was that intended to mean that it’s fixed in the just-released beta 17, or that it will be fixed in the next version? If it’s supposed to be fixed in 17, I have bad news; otherwise carry on.

Noted. Thanks!