[LH2910] Cannot change column width if I copy and paste Excel table into Draft Folder

I can Import a Word file containing a table into the Draft Folder and it is recognized as a table by Scrivener and allows me to make any adjustments to it that I could if I had created a Scrivener table.

I tried the same thing, but by copying and pasting a range in Excel and it also was recognized as a Scrivener table and I could perform all functions, except the column width was set to 1% and grayed out, so I could not change column width.

Low priority as being able to copy and paste into Word and then importing works perfectly, but being able to copy and paste from Excel saves a step. BTW, it behaves exactly the same in 1.9.7 in for both importing the Word file with table working perfectly, but the copying and pasting of Excel not being able to adjust column width.

Thanks, this is filed. It’s just a temporary disabling; if you close and reopen the project, the Cell Width property is available again to adjust.