[LH2912] Adding new custom meta-data displays different outliner columns [, x64]

After adding a new custom meta data entry (via Project -> Project settings) and closing the dialog, the outliner immediately changes which columns are shown.
Scrivener outliner columns.png
Oddly enough, the menu still shows the outliner columns I had originally selected (title, label, status and total word count) should be displayed.

I can only get it back to normal by changing the editor to another view (eg. corkboard) and then back to outliner (this causes the menu to sync up to what is being displayed, technically a seconary bug), after which I can use the menu to select the proper columns (is there an easier way? I have to navigate the menu six times, one for each column I need to deselect or select).

In my testing it doesn’t seem to matter what type of meta data you add. It also applies to removing custom meta-data. If you have both editors opened in outliner mode, both show the same columns.

In short:

  • Primary bug: after adding or removing custom meta-data, different columns are displayed in open outliner views
  • Secondary bug: outliner column menu doesn’t always sync up with actually displayed outliner views; this will most likely be a non-issue once the primary is solved.

Thanks! This has been filed.