[LH2912] [Bug Beta 15] Insertion of unwanted outliner columns


Having just the right outliner columns, at just the right widths, is part of a carefully constructed window layout. But I’ve noticed that Scrivener sometimes introduces a horizontal scroll bar and slides some of my preferred columns partially off the screen. A bit of investigation shows that Scriv is actually adding unrequested columns to the outliner pane.

One sure way to trigger this behavior is to add a custom meta field. This is not something users will do too often, so I hope you can find the common cause of unexpected column adds and not just solve this particular case.

  1. Starting with two columns displayed, no scroll bar.
  2. We add a custom meta field, MetaDemo.
  3. Now there are four columns in the outliner display. Usually a horizontal scroll at this point; my outline is wider for illustration.

    You’ll notice too that the additional columns don’t have check boxes in the column selector. To remove them, I’ll have to check them for inclusion, and then uncheck them. But at some point they’ll be back again, upon some other trigger.

(Please note also that Custom Meta Data doesn’t adhere to the program’s color scheme.)

Thanks for taking a look.
Rgds - Jerome

This has been filed. Thanks.

Oops, sorry for the redundant report. This one has been well known for months.

Cheers - Jerome