[LH2912] Changing custom meta-data adds arbitrary columns displayed in outline view

Hi. I saw this bug as reported a few years ago and then again about a year ago, so I wasn’t sure if it’s still logged or not. Basically, if I’m displaying say, Title/Synopsis and Status in the outliner, then add meta-data fields, the display will show lots of outliner fields–word, word count, compile, etc. These are not “checked” in the “view–>outliner–>options” drop-down but display nevertheless. They will go away, btw, if you check and then uncheck them, but with 20+ outliner fields, having to add every one separately and then add/unadd a bunch is time consuming.

Version: Beta (723513) 64-bit - 25 Oct 2019 / Windows 10

Oh Gosh! I just found the drop-down for columns that allows changes to more than one column at a time on the upper right corner of the outline view. THAT IS AWESOME. Bug is still there, but much easier to deal with.

Yes, this is still logged. Thanks!