[LH2912] Outliner. Deselected columns show / column lists not equal / deselect in View | Outliner columns unreliable

After deselecting columns from the outliner, several of those columns are still showing in the outliner.

Screenshot. drive.google.com/open?id=1FQnk7 … ecK6mobhtj

Note, label and word count are still showing, but have been deselected in the list of columns to be shown.

However, when I use the little sideways arrow on the upper left of the outliner, those columns are selected. So, not quite the same bug. The chevron list and the View | Outliner columns list are DIFFERENT, and should be the SAME.

After some minutes, the View | Outliner columns reverted to the other list, which means that deselecting a column in that list is not reliable; it doesn’t always work, though that column will remain unchecked for some time (minutes).

Also, the outliner randomly adds columns and removes others for no reason.

Hello! Sorry for the long delay in responding to this. We have since fixed a bug where custom meta-data was adversely affecting which columns were displaying, regardless of selection. Now that that has been addressed with the most recent beta version, are you still experiencing this?

I pulled up one of the projects I was seeing this in, and the behavior seems to have been fixed. There is a fair amount of custom metadata in that project. The two column selection dialogs seem to be congruent, and I’m not seeing random changes.

Great! Let us know if there are any more issues.