[LH2912] Unwanted Column Visible in Outline

Version: Beta (896583) 64-bit - 15 Apr 2020

  1. I was adding columns (metadata) to the outline. I don’t think that specifically had anything to do with it, but mentioning it for completeness. And wanted to enable them in the outline view so I could see them.

  2. I noticed a column I didn’t want. (Which I thought I had disabled previously-- I seem to remember disabling it, but maybe I did, maybe I didn’t)

  3. The evidence seems to agree with my recollection. It WAS visible in the outline, it WAS NOT selected in the Outline Columns View List (see screenshot)


It seems to add (turn on) columns at random? I exited the Outline Columns Chooser and the column I didn’t want was gone, but TWO NEW columns that I DIDN’T WANT (and hadn’t selected) were turned on!!


It looks like simply selecting them in the Outline Column Chooser and then de-selecting them will solve the problem. But they shouldn’t have been there at all, as they were originally/initially de-selected,.


This issue seems triggered by adding / removing a metadata field. There may be other things that also trigger it, but I just removed a field and this issue happened all over again. Also, there are fields that are turned on that shouldn’t be, and fields that should be on that aren’t. So the problem seems to manifest in both directions.


I wonder if the fields are being set or partially-set to some internal notion of ‘default’ or something. They don’t all appear affected, only certain ones for the most part. I can’t say all because my ‘Include in Compile’, ‘Title’, ‘Status’ (etc.) fields don’t seem affected, but I get ‘Target Words’, ‘Character Count’, etc. turned on every time. These are not the only problem fields, but are among the ones that always seem involved. (See new screenshot)

This has been filed. Thanks.