[LH2926] BUG: can't click links displayed in the bookmarks inspector pane

To reproduce:

  1. Create a document that has some clickable links. Can be to external web sites or to other documents.
  2. In another document, display the inspector and go to the bookmarks pane. Add the document created in #1 to document bookmarks (or project bookmarks – it is the same for both).
  3. Click the document in the bookmarks pane and note the content pane that displays below.
  4. In the content pane, hover over the links. The cursor does NOT change to the hand icon, and clicking the links does not open them…it just puts the cursor into the text.

The problem also occurs if you open the document containing the links in the quick reference window.

If you open up the document in the full editor or a copyholder, you can click the links normally.

Links in the Bookmarks inspector can be opened with a double click, at least on my system. Links in a Quick Reference window can indeed be opened only via the context menu, but a fix is planned, per this discussion.

Cheers - Jerome

Thanks. This has been filed.