[LH2930] How to get Group sections to show word totals?


In the outliner view, is there a way to get the total word count for a “group” to show up? Right now it shows 0, and zero progress towards the goal. It would be very useful to get word or character counts for each chapter rather than only subsections. I’m sure my explanation is lacking, so instead here is a screenshot which, as the saying goes, should be worth 1000 words 8)

On the Mac (all versions) there’s a column in View > Outliner Options called ‘Total Word Count’ (and ‘Total Target’, and ‘Total Progress’), which do just that.

If they’re not in the Beta yet then presumably they will be coming before final release.


Hello Geomancer.

The “Total Word Count” and “Total Progress” columns are what you are looking for. Since Folders in Scrivener can also have their own text, the two columns “Word Count” and “Total Word Count” show different things. Same with “Progress” and “Total Progress”. In both cases the prior will count only those words/characters/progress that are contained within the folder itself, will the latter will count the words/characters/progress of all contained documents in the group.

Hope this helps.


Total Word Count does indeed show the total words for each section, so that’s a step in the right direction.

Total Progress and Total Target however only show in relation to the entire project (75000 in my case vs the 4000 I set for each section).

As is, I’m not really sure what the point of having Total Progress or Total Target shown on the outliner is, since it’s the exact same value/progress bar for every entry?

It does look like I found a bug though unless there is something else I’m missing. I copied and pasted one of the sections several times to get a bunch of words and the Total Progress bar is 100% green in every case.

I wondered about Total Progress and Total Target myself. Is that a bug?

Shouldn’t they show the progress and the target of that specific section?

(On the Mac…) It works the way you’d expect it to.

You enter the target in one of two ways: either into the Target field of the folder, or into the subdocuments — or both if you prefer.

So for a Chapter with three scenes, either give the Chapter a target of 6000 words, or give each scene a target of 2000 words each. Either way, the Total Target for the Folder will automatically calculate at 6000 words.

NB: you can combine the two — ie targets in both Chapter and Scenes as above in which case the Total Target will be 12,000.

Screenshot 2018-02-25 22.49.25.png
In the screenshot the first line is a chapter folder, the next few lines are scenes.

Add a Part above this it will add all the targets up and so on… In other words, the Total… fields are always calculated and you set everything using the ‘Target’ field. If you want just to have a chapter target, don’t fill in the scene targets, or vice versa.

If it’s not working like that in the Beta, then there may be a bug.


It’s certainly not working that way, so looks to be a bug.

How you described it is exactly what I’d expect and want.

For the bug report I’m running Windows 10 Home and am using Scrivener Version: Beta (90712) 64-bit - 30 Jan 2018

Hello! You are correct that Total Target and Total Progress are not behaving as they should. This has been filed.