[LH2984] - Project Replace needs to run multiple times instead of just once

I am still just working with a newly created project containing the tutorial, and I wanted to replace “subdocuments” throughout the tutorial with “sub-documents” ( as it was annoying me seeing the red spelling error underlining every time the word was used … but interestingly, I had to run the “project replace” function many times to get rid of all occurrences, so that function does not seem to be working very well ( see screen capture of the search results showing that several pages still contain “subdocuments” after running the project replace function many times already ) … each page still containing the word to be replaced, required me to run the function yet another time to remove that page from the search results.

Look at the Scope you have chosen…

Thanks, I didn’t see that because the name of the function is “project replace”

I have to support galacticpresident’s pointing that out.
In a function named “project search and replace” it makes no sense to pre-check the option “selected documents only”. It is great to have this at hand, but it should not be selected in advance.
I ran into the same problem more than once and was wondering why it didn’t work, before I saw this scope.

I don’t have my Mac at hand to check out how it’s Project Replace floating window is configured, but intuitively, that setting doesn’t make any sense. If you want to replace something in your current selection (i.e. the documents loaded into a Scrivenings session), then you would use the standard Edit->Find dialogue, which has a replacement function (isn’t it odd that it doesn’t have the word “replace” somewhere in the menu item?).

Project Replace is for the whole project. The standard Find (& Replace) is for what’s loaded in the editor.

Thanks. This has been filed.

Oh, but it does – what if I want to do a search and replace across more than one document, but not in all documents?

Project Replace works throughout multiple text areas within the entire project, whereas the standard Find/Replace only works on the text in the focussed editor, as pointed out. Project Replace allows you to change text within notes, synopses, titles (and others not ye implemented)–areas that the standard Find/Replace does not affect. While there is overlap in the case where you’ve limited the replacements to only main text, the tools are not redundant. :slight_smile: