[LH2987] - menu appears on wrong screen when using extended displays

I have a large screen set above my laptop screen, and if I shift the beta for windows up to that screen, the menus when selected appear on the screen below ( the built in laptop display ), even though the application itself is maximised on a completely different display. If instead of maximising the application on this other display, I leave the application in some other state on that display ( not minimised but not full screen either ), the problem still persists. If i stretch the application window horizontally so that it spans both screens, the problem also still persists.

Note: this is using Win10 x64 with nVidia 1080 GPU

ALSO NOTE: right click menus & pop up windows do the same thing.

Thanks. This has been filed.

Please note: – I just discovered the same thing happens to tool tips, when the window is shifted to a different screen, the tool tip will appear back on the laptop display.

I use multiple screens too. I just tried to recreate your problem with no luck. Moving the program to another screen and accessing menus and dialogue boxes acts as expected. I would suggest it has something to do with your environment - setup. For those things that require browser access like “Help->Video Tutorials”, the results will show up in your browser on the default machine, unless you have the default browser already active on another screen. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Are you both using the screens stacked one above the other, or are they side by side? This seems to be a bug in the Qt framework, possibly particular to the vertical setup like that, but the comment about stretching the window horizontally has me second-guessing my understanding of your monitor arrangement.

This doesn’t occur with any other applications, only scrivener, so it’s extremely unlikely to be an environmental issue.

It happened on the screen above, and when I moved a quick reference window to the RHS screen, it happened from there too