[LH2988] Crazy behaviour on Section type selection

I noticed that the section type in the inspector is set to “Text” (a section type I created in compiler).
When I do a right click on the Scene in Binder, there I see the section type as well and it is set to “structure based”.
When I change the section type to any other type, this is changed in inspector and vice versa - but not, when it is set to “text” in inspector. Then I cannot change it to “structure based”. It is somehow crazy and since I don’t know what “structure based” exactly means, I cannot find out, where this comes from.
Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be correct.

Hello! Structure-Based is a way to allow Scrivener to automatically set the document type for you. The default is to set all documents to “Text” and all folders to " Group". You can alter these settings in “Project Settings > Section Types > Default Types by Structure”. Since “Structure-Based” is a Project wide setting, the inspector will show what the actual document itself has been set to, in this case “Text”.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions regarding this.

Thanks for pointing that out. But I think the the Right-Click-Menu should show the same als the Inspector-Menu, respecting what I have set, or not?

Currently it shows “Text” when set to “Structure-Based” so as to avoid confusion when assigning layouts in Compile. This is consistent with the new version on the Mac. However, I will mark this thread as a Suggestion for us to look at changing in the future.


The problem here is that the inspector currently isn’t showing the Structure-Based type any differently from a specifically-set type; it should be in grey italics, to indicate that the type is being assigned by the structure, as opposed to being manually set, and the drop-down menu should indicate that “Structure-Based” is selected, similar to how the context menu does. Once this is implemented, a document’s section type, and how that’s being assigned, will be clearer.

I guess, once the German documentation of the new compiler is ready, this will be much clearer than now … I have no idea of what you are speaking. I already use the new compiler, but only for one format and it was quite a try and error thing …
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