[LH2989] A truly important cosmetic -- contrast sufficient that you can read the screen

I’m well aware of the current tendency to combine micro-sizing type with ‘stylish’, i.e. just about zero contrast colors on user interface elements – this new forum unfortunately exemplifies some of it.

The Windows Beta, though – this is truly too far.

I just came back from reporting about the Web Page problems on the Beta, and couldn’t spot the Research tab at all.

Reason: it’s highlighted in pale powder blue – and the text is inverted to white.

On a ‘normal’, i.e., not IPS laptop screen, there is just no visibility at all for the word. Once I know it is there, and where, I can see there’s text, but hardly can read it, much less spot what I am looking for at a glance, which is what good UX would offer.

I would mark that there’s a good bit of difference between Mac and Windows type and contrast, but that shouldn’t be an issue here.

I would also say that I myself don’t want to go back to the bad old days of clunky, mechanical interfaces. There must be a suitable middle ground, however, and light powder blue/white is just not a sensible scheme.

Yes, I am not 22 any more, and indeed have some ‘extra’ issues, but one of two eyes does not, and it agrees with what I’m saying,

At-a-glance-visible design as a judgement point should cover either.

Thanks again,

.p.s. I went for the Appearance (Options, vs. Preferences? Under File, not Edit???), but there are no settings apparent to fix either the invert text color or the invert background color. Guess I’d rather like to propose to add those? Thanks yet again…

…just so it doesn’t slip by since early readers, I added what’s probably a pretty important p.s. – cheers

Since this issue probably affects more apps than scrivener - have you tried to set up a different display profile for your display, with adjusted gamma, constrast and brightness settings?

This has been filed as a bug in the system, as the text should not be white when the color is so light.

Thanks much, Bryan.

And hopeful there can be settings for that highlight/text pair also, as there is for other loci.