[LH2992] Auto-gen ToC for ePub has 'Unknown' rather than chapter titles

Hi folks: apologies if this has already been reported - I searched but couldn’t find it.

I’m running V2.9.08. When I compile my MS to ePub (2 or 3) using either the default Compile formats or my own custom format for ebooks, the ToC that is generated in the compiled epub has ‘Unknown’ instead of the chapter/section/folder titles in my project. The links themselves work correctly, it’s just the actual link text that’s wrong.

I’ve played around with the Table of Contents setting in the Compile window, checking and unchecking both ‘Generate HTML table of contents’ and ‘Use flat table of contents’, but neither setting seems to change the result.

Thanks in advance - and I should note that in general I’m really loving Scrivener 3 after years of using old trusty 1.9 :smiley: You’ve even got me using Collections now!

Dan Harris

Hello! I believe this is a bug we know about regarding Folders in Compile. Can you confirm for me whether or not this occurs when ‘Group’ is set to ‘As-Is’ in the Section Layouts? If it does then this may be a different bug.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply. I changed the relevant Section Types to use the ‘As-Is’ Layout, and now the link text is correct - so it sounds like this is the same known bug. I’ll note, though, that I was also getting the ‘Unknown’ text for my front matter documents, which are files, not folders - so I think it might apply to any ‘top-level’ Section Type (files or folders) that is not using the’As-Is’ Layout.


Thanks for the clarification! This has been filed.

You’re welcome!