[LH3002] Beta (149671) Duplicated Folder Sequence Number

Potential bug report.


In Scrivener for Windows 1.9.7, when a folder is duplicated, a numerical sequence number appears after its folder title with a dash-digit format. Example:
My Folder
My Folder-1.

In Windows Beta Beta (149671), a dash is not present before the sequence number, causing it to be directly attached to the text. Example:
My Folder
My Folder1.

The potential bug is that a dash does not precede the numerical sequence number in Beta (149671).


I’m not certain if that’s a bug or not, but I prefer the sequence number to be separated with a dash. It’s just easier for me to see.

This is definitely not a critical issue.

Thanks for your time.



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Bug? Beta (149671) Duplicated Folder Sequence Number



Thanks. This has been filed.