[LH3009] Blinking cursor line bug

This is a very minor bug I’ve noticed in the latest version of the beta – so minor I feel almost silly pointing it out – but the more I look at it I can’t ignore it and it’s really starting to bug me!!
There is a strange protrusion on the blinking cursor line that is not visible when the text is really zoomed in, but highly visible when zoomed out (even larger when zoomed out farther).

Maybe others are noticing this too? Thanks!

Hi. Yep, that is a writing-direction flag. It’s being triggered in cases where it shouldn’t. This has been filed. Thank you!

It seems to be activated when you type a quote or an apostrophe. Goes away when you press ENTER. But returns again at the quote/apostrophe. Quite annoying and distracting, so much so that I’ve returned to version 1.9.7 until fixed. Maybe July 31st? Lol.