[LH3009] Smart Quotes Distort Blinking Cursor

A very minor issue, but possibly worth noting in case it links to others? Something I’ve noticed since switching to

As soon as I use a quote-mark or apostrophe in a document, the blinking cursor becomes distorted, taking on a form somewhat like this: ↾. It remains this way all through any paragraph that has quote-marks or apostrophes anywhere in it (this applies to all documents within the project, switching back and forth, etc), but reverts back to the normal blinking cursor in any paragraph without. This is visible in both the text editor and composition mode.

The distortion seems to be directly related to the use of smart quotes, as it doesn’t occur when this option is unchecked.

Yes, this is a known issue arising from changes in the Qt framework, which was updated for Likely they will have fixed this in the next upgrade, but if not we’ll be looking for a workaround to the autocorrection characters triggering the writing-direction flag. In general, the upgrade seems to have improved bi-directional support, which is great, but this is an odd little display quirk in result! :slight_smile: For now the only workaround I can offer is switching off the auto-correction options that will trigger this in a paragraph, although that will not affect existing paragraphs, only new ones going forward.