[LH3018]Beta 6: Collaborating on a document via Dropbox on Windows and Mac turns scriptwriting elements into Gen text

Today I was working on our script on a common Dropbox account. I created a new scriptwriting document in our project. I’m on Windows 10, Scrivener beta 6. When my friend worked on the same project on his Mac (Scrivener 3, I don’t know which specific version) and I opened the project this evening, all the new articles (the ones I wrote earlier and the ones he had added) were General Text. The formatting looked somewhat correct (Screenplay), but all the CHARACTER/DIALOGUE/ACTION was recognized as General Text. Also the line spacing seemed way smaller than it was when the elements were correct.

I don’t know what it could be other than the mac version either loses them or changes the elements somehow upon changing. Or Windows version produces anyway elements that aren’t compatible with the mac version and won’t therefore remain the same.

What additional information could I provide on this?

This is a bug that has already been filed, so you don’t need to provide us with any further information. Thanks!

Good to hear! :slight_smile: