[LH3018] Mac project to Windows

I am running windows version I copied over a project (entire folder) I’ve been working on from my mac to my windows pc. I opened it and all of my play script formatting, including elements was wrong. Elements were not in the correct position or labeled properly, and element formatting was not as I had setup on my mac. If I highlight a current element, for example, a ‘Character’ or ‘Dialogue’ it is labeled ‘general text’ or ‘scene heading’. If I change it, the change does not stick. If I return or tab down, the cursor will jump to a predefined element, i can then write and then it will remember it but all text which I created on my mac does not appear correctly and is not formatted or labeled correctly with the proper elements.

I went back to my mac, navigated to format, script-writing, script setting, went to ‘manage’ and save to file. I transferred that file over to my windows machine and loaded it. Didn’t’ do anything. Nothing changed.

Is there perhaps a step I a missing or could this be a bug?
FYI- I did all of this on two previous beta versions and it was ok. It worked fine. Only on this version does this occur. Either a bug or I am doing something wrong when I bring my project over from mac to windows.


If you want the devs to see this, you’d be better off posting it in the Windows Beta forum.

Moved to Windows beta forum. – Katherine

Thanks. This is a bug and has been filed. Windows is not correctly reading script elements from the Mac version.