[LH3018] Scriptwriting elements disappear between mac and windows

We are collaborating on a document on mac and Windows via a common Dropbox folder. When my friend has added scriptwriting elements like Action, Character etc on mac and then I open the document on Windows, all the formatting shows, but all the elements show up as General text on my end. Windows version doesn’t see them as Action, Dialogue etc but only as General text.

As an additional weirdness - when then go to an element that looks like dialogue (based on the formatting) and then apply Dialogue again, the line height becomes smaller so even the formatting is inconsistent between mac and Windows even though we are working on the same project file.

Expected behaviour: All the elements applied on mac should show the same on Windows and also the formatting (like line height) should be consistent within the same project, no matter which OS).

Windows version: (149671)

Thanks this has been filed.