[LH3030] Composition Mode "Paper Fade" also fades Composition Wallpaper

Using Scrivener Beta, Windows 8.1 64-bit.

Expected behavior: When using the “Paper Fade” option in Composition mode, only the paper will fade but not the texture set to use as the background for Composition mode.

Bugged behavior: When using the “Paper Fade” option in Composition mode, not only does the paper fade, but the background itself fades with it, revealing what is under Scrivener.

No paper fade.

Paper fade, which also fades the Composition mode background. In this example, a Firefox tab with the L&L forums is used to illustrate the issue.

This should not be intentional behavior, I don’t think? It would not make much sense to allow you to set a custom background to write on but force you to lose the visibility of the background when adjusting the transparency of the paper the words are written on.

It also appears as though the background has additional compression added to it, which harms the image quality considerably. I may recommend removing this compression done by Scrivener so the user can see the picture in the original quality.


In testing this I was unable to replicate. Does this occur for you with all background images? Or is it specific to a single image or type of image?

It looks like this is only affecting the tiled screen background in Composition Mode, but not the backdrop image if one is set. I’ve logged the bug; in the meanwhile, you could work around it by creating your own tiled image at a full-screen size, then using View > Composition Mode Backdrop to set it for the project.