[LH3035] Weird Compile to MS Word Quote Marks Issue

I’m trying to get an export to MS Word to get to my editor. It seems that no matter what style I choose, the single and double quote marks in the doc are very wide - it looks like there’s an extra space sometimes before and sometimes after them. But it’s not a space, the quote characters themselves are just very wide. The font is Calibri. I’ll attach an image (the extra space before each quote that starts a paragraph and after the quote that ends a paragraph aren’t visible, but the ones in the middle are).

If I copy the text from Word to Notepad, none of that is there, it looks fine, so it’s something with how Scrivener is setting up the Word doc.

Anyone know how to fix this? I have nothing set in the replacements settings.

This is a kludge to solve your problem with the Beta version. Not a fix for the issue.

I would try converting all curly quotes to straight quotes. Then, once in Word, you might decide to convert them back, or leave them until the final draft. This will probably solve your immediate issue.

This also happened when going through the tutorial. It was with the newest version of Word ‘docx’. When I went to a different one ‘doc’ there was no separation.

I got it with the regular .doc (old) version of Word too when I compiled to that. Ok, good to know it’s a known issue. I’ll use workarounds for now, probably search/replace since I think it’s contained to a few characters. Thanks!

Thanks. This has been filed. For now you can either use straight quotes and alter them in the final text or, if you prefer, it appears you can select the affected text in the word document and “reset” the font. Simply selecting the text and setting the font to whatever it was before should fix the issue of the extra space.

Not a long-term Word issue?

google.com/search?q=ms+word … =793&dpr=2