[LH3036] Strg-N has no effect

It would be great, if Strg-N would create a new document.
Perhaps a new folder, if a higher folder in hierarchy is highlighted and a new file, when another file OR the lowest folder in hierarchy is selected … Don’t know which logic is best, but anything would be appreciated to happen, when Strg-N is pressed …

Where are you trying this shortcut? It should work to create a new text document when focus is in the binder, outliner, corkboard, or editor. Ctrl+Shift+N creates a new folder. Could you check how the shortcuts listed for these actions (New Text and New Folder) under the Project menu? Do the menu options work and only the shortcuts do not?

Hi Jennifer,
creating a new file/folder via Project Menu or rightclick-Menu is working, but there is no Shortcut listed beside.
I had a look in to the keyboard shortcuts listed in Options and there was no Shortcut defined for new file and new folder.
I created them manually, now it is working and the shortcuts are shown in the menu.
I swear, I never deleted any shortcuts :wink:


Thanks for the screenshot. This is definitely an issue with using a translated version of the interface but I need to double-check on how this is working; it may be that the translator included custom shortcuts, overriding defaults, but given we’re still in the process with translations, it may just be that things are incomplete at the moment.

In the meanwhile, you can try pulling in all the default shortcuts by switching the interface language to English, clicking “Reset All” in the shortcuts, then switching back to German and relaunching Scrivener. Alternatively, download and unzip the attached “scrivshortcuts.zip”, then in the keyboard shortcuts pane in Scrivener, click Importieren… (or choose Importieren… > Aus Datei… from the split menu) and open the scrivshortcuts.scrkbd file. That should work to apply all the default shortcuts back to your menu items, and you can then modify any individual ones as you like. (If you do so, you may want to then export a new file of the shortcuts that can be re-imported later.)
scrivshortcuts.zip (4.51 KB)

Just wanted to mention, that the shortcuts are gone again after upgrading to Beta 5 …