[LH3039] Double space is now Triple space

Hi… beta 2.9.04 - the 2.0 spacing looked correct. in 2.9.05 - the double spacing looks like triple spacing. I have to select 1.5 spacing to get it back to how it was.

Yes, I noticed this too. The 1.1x spacing is now much more spaced than it was before. I see seven fewer lines now than before when Scrivener height is maximized on my 1600px-height display.

1.0x is too close together, but the previous 1.1x was perfect. Maybe a Qt thing?

Yes, I think this is tied to the Qt changes. The spacing is correct in the underlying RTF–if you export it, for instance, you should see that it correctly uses double spacing when you’ve set that, even though it looks much larger in Scrivener’s editor. For now, you can set a lower multiple or an exact spacing amount to correct the display in the editor, and just override it in compile or reformat as needed after you’ve exported or copied text out of Scrivener.