[LH3039] Formatting problem/question

Hi everyone, hopefully, this is just me missing something, but would love some help here.

I have opened my current Scrivener 2 project in Beta 3, and the formatting looks different. The line spacing looks much larger. Is this a thing others have noticed?

Also, I can’t seem to change it at a global level. Is there a new place to do this? I changed it in Options, but it doesn’t ripple out and affect the entire document. Do I need to change each chapter document one at a time?

Thanks for any help!

Hi, I had a similar need—to change formatting in multiple documents at once. I was able to solve my problem with help from this board. This is the post for that question:


There’s a link within one of the replies in that post that gave me the solution, but the other comments in my post might be worth reading as well. The link that had the solution is:


Hope this helps!

Thank you Tom! Huge help.

This has been filed.