[LH3040] Search in Scrivenings mode searches each document separately, not all documents displayed

When I have several documents displayed in Scrivenings mode, and do a Search, it searches each document separately, then brings up the “Text not found. Search from Start of Document?” dialog at the end of each document. Saying no or clicking the X in the upper right corner, does not terminate the dialog, but just moves it forward to the next document displayed.

When I tested this with four total documents displayed in Scrivenings mode and searched for a term that was not in any of them, I clicked the Next button to initiate the search, then had to click No six times before the search ended.

This seems the same as the problem I’m having, so I’ll just put in my two cents here and hope for some help. I have a manuscript with a lot of chapters, within each of which are a lot of documents, and if I’m in one of those documents and do a search, it ignores all the other documents in the chapter, and all other chapters. I’m pretty sure I’ve already tried going to the manuscript level and it didn’t solve the problem, so that’s where I’m stuck: I can’t do a search on the entire manuscript.


Rich M.

Thanks, this is on our list. Scrievnings isn’t fully implemented yet to be treated as a single document when working in the editor, so Find, selections, formatting adjustments, etc. are not yet working across the document boundaries. For now I’m afraid you’ll need to just click into the next document and then rerun the Find, but ultimately this should work the way you’re expecting.

@ Richmansfield, are you on Mac or Windows? (Your forum tag says Mac, but this thread is in the Windows beta forum.) Searching across Scrivenings with the document find tool is already possible in the macOS version, so if you’ve loaded an entire folder and its subdocuments in Scrivenings mode, this should be working. If only a single document’s text is displayed, the Find scope will be limited to that document. On either platform, you can use the project Search (Edit > Find > Search in Project, or click the magnifying glass button on the toolbar) to get a complete list of all documents in the binder containing your search term. You can click on the little magnifying glass within the search field to get a menu of options for refining the project search–make sure your settings there are broad enough that you’ll get the results you’re expecting (e.g. search in “All” or in “Text”, search both “Included” and “Excluded” documents, don’t search binder selection only, etc.).