[LH3047|LH3048] Beta 5 (and previous): Unreliable ALT-1/2/3/4/... behavior in Scriptwriting mode

I haven’t been able to replicate these yet, but they happen quite often:

Issue 1: ALT-1/2/3/… to set the scriptwriting element stops working: when I press ALT-1, number 1 gets typed. As if ALT loses effect. Then within the same project, it suddenly might work again in another document.

Issue 2: Sometimes when I switch to Scriptwriting mode and hit ALT-1 to change the element to scene heading, I get General text (which is like ALT-8) or something. This also seems like a behavior that can get automatically fixed within the same project without reopening it or even when just switching to another document - there it might work.

Windows 10, Spring update, beta 5

Quick question: When using these shortcuts are you typing on the number row or on the number pad?


Number row! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll look into this.

Hello again! Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve found a bug wherein turning on script writing mode in a document doesn’t allow for the Alt shortcuts to work until the document is refreshed. Does this sound like what you are encountering?

Thank you for your help!

Thanks, so cool you found it!

I think that would explain it. I’ll try the next time it happens. Just to clarify, what do you mean by “refresh”? You mean switch focus to another document and back? Because I found a bug that might be related to this:

When I enter scrivenings mode in a screenplay, the document I focus first is the one where the ALT-1/ALT-2 will work. If I scroll further in the scrivenings view and move cursor to any other of the documents in the view, the ALT-1/ALT-2/etc will still only affect the first one.

-split your workspace to two windows
-create documents in Screenwriting mode
-select them all and enable scrivenings-mode in one of the window (just open some one document, any, in the other view)
-choose the first document (in the scrivenings view) and apply some screenwriting elements to it by using ALT-1, ALT-2 etc
-now choose some other document in the same view
-try to apply the elements with ALT

-> All the elements you apply get applied to the first document you had selected. So no matter where your cursor is in the new document, ALT-1 changes the first document.

-> Now focus the other view in your workspace and then again the the Scrivenings view. Make sure this time you click any other document than the first one. This is the one where the ALT-1/ALT-2 will now get applied, no matter where you move cursor after this.

Thank you! Both of these issues have now been filed.

Good news! :slight_smile: