[LH3052|LH3055] Tab setting bug


In beta 6, I’ve noticed a couple of problems with the dialogue that comes up from Format > Paragraph > Tabs and Indents.

Setting tab stops:
When setting a tab-stop on a line without a tab, the default value when I click the “+” button is 36 in, which is of course impractical. When there is already a tab on the line and the tab stops in the dialogue are already populated, the same operation gives a default of 21 in.

Removing tab stops:
The major problem comes when removing a tab stop. If I try to remove a newly-created 36 in tab-stop (this is the only one for which I can recreate the behaviour) using the “-” button then Scrivener crashes. Using Format > Paragraph > Remove All Tab Stops successfully removes it and doesn’t crash.

Thanks. These have been filed.