[LH3085] Corkboard, arranged by label. Moving cards left or right shifts them up or down.

I had a chapter with 4 scenes in it. Two with one label, two with a different label.
I click arrange by label, and the corkboard rearranges itself. (pretty good job, btw, but I’d like smaller cards for this view). And then I try shifting one of them left by one card width.
It moved to a different line and changed its label color.

Okay… tried again. different card. Same thing.
Tried it several more times.
Sometimes I can’t move them down. sometimes I can’t move them up. sometimes I can’t move them at all. Sometimes, if I move a card down, Scrivener moves it up. or vice versa.
If I try to move the card down two lines, it only moves one line. Sometimes in the opposite direction.

Random and contrarian movement was not expected.

You can adjust the card size by clicking the rightmost button in the corkboard footer; it will bring up some options, including a slider for the size.

The label view of the corkboard is still a linear arrangement of the cards in binder order, just spaced out on the different label tracks to give you a different perspective. Unlike the freeform corkboard, it’s not possible here to shift cards around so that there are gaps between them or so that two cards occupy the same column (or row, if the label tracks are running vertically). This might explain part of what you’re seeing, when cards are not movable at all. It is also not possible to rearrange cards other than changing their labels (i.e. changing which track they are on, but maintaining the same position relative to the other cards) when you’re viewing an arbitrary selection of cards on the corkboard. Make sure you’ve loaded a container and are viewing its subdocuments on the corboard.

Beyond that, it would be helpful if you could provide specific steps to reproduce the problem you’re experiencing with moving the cards, as I haven’t seen this issue or other reports of it. Thanks!

I made a video. In this video, I’m just moving cards up and down on horizontal tracks. I did not try moving them horizontally in this video, although that’s the first part of what I saw originally. Sometimes it works as expected. Sometimes not, as you will see if you watch the thing.

20 MB file, recorded in MKV format using OBS. VLC should be able to play it (does on my machine): https://drive.google.com/open?id=14Ka8MIP6sVuQXLHFUpBdI8fOwobqq_cr

Reproducing it? Have 4+ cards on a corkboard less than 5 cards wide. I think. I tried it with smaller cards, and everything works as expected. But if I change the card size using that slider so the corkboard shows fewer than 5 cards across, the up/down random placement behavior happens (I didn’t try that during the video; sorry; if need be, I can reproduce the behavior in another video).

Thanks, that was very helpful. It seems related to scrolling the view and the amount the card is misplaced is tied to the row spacing/card size. I suspect this is a result of some changes in the new version of Qt that was implemented in Beta 6, so hopefully just a matter of updating some methods for determining the card positions. I’ve filed the bug. In the meanwhile, I don’t know if the option will work for you, but maximizing your corkboard real estate by hiding the inspector and binder and enlarging the project window, then shrinking the card size may let you move the cards around more reliably.

I played around with it some more, and as long as the label rows do not fill up the corkboard, everything is fine. As soon as the corkboard is full, the behavior seems to start. The side to side behavior, causing vertical card shift, will happen when you shift a card sideways when the corkboard is full of rows.

FYI, I can also cause this to happen when view by label is organized vertically and the space is full of columns.