[LH3092] Visual bug in corkboard

Sometimes, after creating a new corkboard entry, after typing several lines, the text of the entry shifts to the left some pixels, underneath an invisible margin, obscuring the first letter or two of the text on each line. I think this has to do with line length. If I hit the Home key on a line, the text shifts back right and the obscurement disappears.

This does not happen consistently. I have noticed it several times, however.

Having messed with reproducing it, I’m pretty sure it’s related to line length combined with the length at which Scrivener word wraps the index card text. In the recent case where I screen recorded reproducing it, I added a very narrow character (:wink: and then a space. The line length before the space was very near to the maximum line length of the card. After the space, It’s just over, but the line does not wrap, yet. If I add another character, it will be typed in the wrap, but I may not see it because it’s blocked by the left margin. But I might see it, too; the presentation of this visual effect is inconsistent.

Here’s a video showing what my text almost explains. Ignore the deliberate typos, please.
drive.google.com/open?id=1dtnMn … -AnsV77DkY

In this case, the slide-under the left margin did not remain. I have had it remain, at times, with the card deselected.
Is it a serious bug? I don’t think so, unless it’s presenting elsewhere.

Thanks! This has been filed, and I’ve added a link to your video which should help.