[LH3134] Cannot save edits to a text that has comments

I think I’ve discovered a very substantial bug in the new beta:

If you add comments to a text you can no longer edit it.

To replicate,

  • Create a new project;
  • Add two identical texts to either ‘draft’ or ‘research’ (use e.g. lorem ipsum);
  • Add a comment to one of the two texts (shift-F4);
  • Save;
  • Open project. Add a few words to both of the two texts.
  • Save;
  • Open project.

Only the edits to the text without a comment will have been preserved.

Would it be possible to fix this before the next official beta is due? I am already using Scrivener 3 for much of my work, but sadly the loss of the ability to edit and expand texts with comments will prevent me from continuing to do so.

Thanks for reporting this issue Lambekin. “Unfortunately” I could reproduce the major issue. We are investigating this and will post an update as soon as we have found and fixed the problem.

You are welcome!

This appears to be a permissions issue.

EDIT #1 - odd: I was able to edit a text that had a comment by running the programme as an administrator, but was able to do this only once. No further edits held - they were gone when I restarted Scrivener.

EDIT #2 - I am no longer sure this is a mere permissions issue. I ran Scrivener as the Trusted Installer (possible using a utility called execti), and even then I could not get Scrivener to save my edits.

It is indeed a Scrivener internal issue. Due to recent save optimizations this issue has been introduced and was not detected during testing. To work around it, edit any comment, which will trigger saving of the full document contents. I will post an update as soon as we have fixed and tested it, which should be within few hours,

We have created a new build and we are in the process of uploading it, soon. Until we sort uploading the new update use the following link to download a fixed Scrivener executable. Use the following link appropriate for your version:

[Beta 8 is available now from the release announcement post]

Extract the ZIP archive, which contains the newly fixed Scrivener.exe. Close Scrivener and replace your existing Scrivener.exe in your Scrivener Beta installation folder. Start Scrivener as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on providing the fix to everyone as soon as possible, through the automatic update feature.

That’s wonderful - thanks!

The Beta 8 links are up now in the main beta release announcement post, as well as available from Help > Check for Updates.