[LH3135] Crashed Scrivener.

I noticed an interesting behavior after splitting a scene, and sought to duplicate it in another project.

The behavior was, the title was repeated in the scene that was split. The original title was, say, “Something” and after the split it was “Something : Something”. Not expected. Edited it to “Something Else”, and it became “Something Else : Something Else”. Strange.

But the scene needed to be split twice. Only the first part of the after-split scene had the strange title.

Shifted to a test project to check.

Split. Everything fine.
Split. Crash or VERY long stall. 9.6% of CPU, not resolving. End task.

After restarting, the title is back to normal.

The project that caused the crash had a file recovered, which was the file that was intended to be split.

And then I managed to crash (or VERY long stall – 5+ minutes) the thing again. And, then, again.

To reproduce: Split the same document twice in a row. More information shortly.


Realizing this may be a duplicate bug report. Nevertheless, here’s video (the last four minutes or so are watching it do nothing). Scriv goes to somewhere between 8 and 10% CPU utilization, and no interaction is possible with it.

Further information. AFTER splitting and crashing, reopening the project, splitting the same document again will also cause a crash. I was actually after reproducing something else. Oh, well.

Thanks, we do have this crash filed. It can occur when splitting a document or when duplicating an item in the binder. To avoid it for now, I’d just suggest copying and pasting the text from one document to another. (For duplicating items to use as templates, you an also use Document Templates, which won’t cause the crash–see this post.)

Just came here to post this. Is this a regression? I never had it happen to me in the previous beta version.

It was new in Betas 7/8 as a result of some other backend changes and we didn’t catch it. It’ll be fixed in the next beta.