[LH3135] Duplicating freezes app


today I tried out the Beta ( for the first time and I have “happily” already stumbled upon what seems to be a bug.

I opened one of my projects, selected a folder in the Draft folder and clicked “Duplicate” in the context menu of the folder. After this, Scrivener stops responding and just eats up CPU time until I force close it. The to be duplicated folder and file are afterwards shown as recovered files once I open up Scrivener again (a message about recovered files is shown), so there seems to be no data loss at least.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh and it also happened when I created a new project that was not converted from a previous version, forgot to mention that

Same issue here…
Scrivener Versión: Beta (272055) 64-bit - 31 jul. 2018
Windows 10 Home 1803
Intel Core i7-7500U CPU x64 @ 2.70GHz 8GB RAM SSD512GB

Thanks! This has been filed.