[LH3141] Color text changes to revision color when it's copied

I noticed one other report about revision mode but it wasn’t quite this so I’m starting my own thread.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature flaw. I am using the latest beta but I’ve noticed this problem for at least the last 4 betas.

When I am in revision mode, if I copy the text, it turns all of it the revision mode color. I then have to hit Ctrl+z to get my revisions back.

I’m posting two photos to show what I mean. I’m on Windows 10 using the 64 bit version of beta.

The reason this is a problem, is because on some rounds of revision I paste each document into hemingway. to check for things like passive voice. I don’t want to blow away all my other revision colors by copying it while I’m in my next revision color just so I can paste it into hemingway. No actual revisions have been made, I’ve simply copied the text to paste it into another program. Obviously I can hit Ctrl+z but it just seems silly to have to do so.

Again not sure if it’s a bug or just a feature flaw. Just wanted to log it here.

Thanks. This is a bug and has been filed.

Seconding this bug. Was copying over text from a GDocs file created by my research assistant. I was able to get it to revert by cutting it in Scrivener and pasting it again, at which point it showed up with a black highlight, which I then could select and remove.