[LH3142] Scratch pad bug with new documents? ( beta, 64-bit)

So if I bring up the scratch pad (thanks for tweaking the UI elements, btw!) and select the plus sign to make a new document, I’ll get an error:

Close out of the error, no new file. Close scratch pad, and bring it up again, there will be a new document created:


Can confirm this behaviour, also using 64bit, Win10.

Possibly related, possibly not – I also received an error message the first time I tried to open the scratch pad (through the Window menu, if that helps). I have been unable to duplicate this, though, so it’s possibly limited to the program’s first attempt at opening it; once I cleared the message, the scratch pad opened without a problem (notwithstanding the issue already mentioned in the thread), and the initial message has not repeated – I’ve tried reopening the scratch pad in the same project, opening it for the first time in other existent projects, and for the first time in brand-new projects, and have not seen it again in any of these situations.

Okay, I’m gonna stick my neck out and be the dummy in the classroom who asks the stupid question…

Where did you find that scratchpad? Ever since I read this thread, I’ve been looking under every menu and every little icon. I am unable to find such a thing.

I’ll head over to my corner now…


The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. :slight_smile: Scratch pad is under the Window menu, about 2/3rds of the way down. The shortcut crashes Scrivener for me. (ctrl-shift-0)

Well, I’l be darned… thank you!

I tried it from the menu and the shortcut, and it worked fine without crashing. Nice to know it’s there.


EDIT: I spoke too soon. I tried it again, clicking on the plus sign and got that ugly popup message…

Thank you all! This has been filed.

Woohoo! Finally found one! :smiley: