[LH3143] Program exits when pasting bulleted text from a Word document or web page 64-bit
Windows 10 Home
While copying list text from the web into a Scrivener document, Scrivener exited without notice or saving. The same happened when I pasted the text into a Word document first, then copied it again and pasted it into Scrivener. This happens whenever I copy bulleted text from any web page or .docx into the project.
I have not tried it with numbered lists.
Quitting and restarting Scrivener made no difference.
Different text or web pages made no difference as long as it was bulleted.
If you cut and paste a little more than the bulleted text, it does not happen.
It does not happen if the Scrivener document does not already have text in it.
It does not happen when you paste without formatting or when copying text from WordPad.

  1. Create a new or open an existing Scrivener project
    a. Select any document with existing text in it
    b. Or create a new document and type in any text and press enter/return
  2. Open an existing Word (.docx) document or web page containing a bulleted list or create a new Word document and bulleted list
  3. Select part of the list or only the list itself and copy it
  4. Paste text using the normal Paste command or CTRL+V (i.e. with formatting) into any document already containing text

Thank you! This has been filed.