[LH3144] : Folder in Project Bookmarks not working as expected

According to this blog post (literatureandlatte.com/blog/boo … crivener-3) folders added to the Project Bookmarks should have a drop-down to access files within. Mine does not; not in a new project, new folder, or any other variation I could think of.

Version: Beta (211324) 64-bit
Windows 7

I generally don’t use project bookmarks, but I just tried this, and you’re right, it does not seem to work. Double click the folder or the name, and it opens the editor, not a drop-down list.

I can confirm that the bug is also present in the new version Beta (273516) 64-bit - 01 Aug 2018. In addition, it does not work to right-click on an entry and select “Show in the folder”. Nothing happens then.

Thanks! This has been filed.