[LH3149] Setting paper fade to 0% (left) will cause Scrivener to crash

Or if it doesn’t crash, you won’t be able to access the settings when you move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen. I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del once to get out of the program. Doing the same thing again, testing the bug, the program crashed twice. Every time I tried it, I was unable to access the pop-up menu on the bottom.

Thanks for the report. I haven’t been able to reproduce this in a fresh project, using either an external or imported background image for composition mode. Could you let me know what your other composition mode settings are (in File > Options > Behaviors) and whether this reproduces for you in a new blank project or only a specific project/document? When you say the controls are inaccessible, do you mean the control bar doesn’t appear at the bottom of the composition mode screen at all, or is it obscured or not clickable?

Yeah it still messes up for me in other projects and a new file I made. The menu just doesn’t pop up when I move the mouse to the bottom, but in these last tests I did, the program just crashes after a bit. I have both options checked in Composition Mode Behaviors and the drop down box is set on ‘current screen.’

Thanks. Do you have Windows display scaling enabled? I was trying on a high-res monitor that’s set to 200%. Any chance you could get a screenshot of the control bar when it is working, showing the settings just prior to adjusting paper fade (and consequently seeing the issues)? You can do this by setting the delay on the Windows Snipping Tool to a few seconds to give you a chance to open composition mode and move the cursor down to show the bar.

I made a short little video. Watch the taskbar and you’ll see the program disappear when I go into fullscreen mode. The program behaves strangely, and then at the end I’m trying to reload Scrivener to mess around some more but the program won’t start.

tinytake.s3.amazonaws.com/pulse … -02-36.mp4

Oh, I don’t have windows scaling turned on.

One more little test just to show how the menu bar behaves normally if the paper fade is anything but 0.

tinytake.s3.amazonaws.com/pulse … -17-06.mp4

Come to think of it, it does kind of make for an extremely interesting composing experience, lol. An invisible text editor in the middle of the desktop that never goes away is pretty neat! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencasts! I’ve been able to reproduce the issue now, and it seems as though it’s not so much the paper fade that’s an issue but the invisible backdrop. With an invisible image, composition mode isn’t preventing interaction with the desktop or anything else that should be “behind” the composition editor, The same thing is happening with no backdrop image and with the background fade set to zero.

In fact, with a shortened paper height, the control bar will still not appear properly even with a non-zero paper fade if the backdrop is invisible. So now I’ve over-produced the problem. :smiley:

If you try using a different (non-invisible) image for your backdrop, are you able to drop the paper fade to zero and still get the control bar appearing properly?

Oh, and as for closing–if you can click back into the text and focus it, you should be able to use the Escape key to exit composition mode and return to the main window.

Yes, it works perfectly if the backdrop is visible. Thanks for telling how to esc out of it the other way. That’s much less confusing now! :smiley:

Until this is fixed, you can try using the attached image as a backdrop instead of a fully transparent one. It’s at 1% opacity so you shouldn’t notice much difference, but it will let the control panel work properly!
semitransparent.png.zip (1.26 KB)

Hey, that’s perfect! Thanks! I can’t even tell the difference.