[LH3154] No indication of space when sentence wraps.

Have noticed this in both the beta and 1.9.8. When a sentence wraps around to the next line with invisible on there is no indication of there being one from one word to the next.

When the section is compiled and looking over the document in Word (my default program) several of the words will have to be separated due to not having a space between them.

Also (not sure if I should put this in another bug) there will be instances of where there is a space but no indication of a carriage return until you delete the space and then it appears. Putting a space will then cause the return to vanish leaving just the space.

I was mistaken that the visual spaces vanished in the beta. I had another copy of 1.9.8 open. This only occurred in that version.

In fact, I am seeing the missing space at the end of the wrapped line in Beta 8, so thanks for bringing this up. :slight_smile: I’ve filed it.