[LH3168] Pasting copied text into the document Notes panel / Keyboard shortcut

While fiddling with settings on the latest Beta version ( / beta 273516) on Windows 64 bit, I found what could be a bug to resolve. After swapping the default keyboard shortcuts for the “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style” (I prefer to have Ctrl + V for Paste and Match Style and Ctrl + Shift + V for the straightforward Paste), the new Paste and Match Style shortcut (set to Ctrl + Shift + V) doesn’t match the default style I set for the Notes panel (I changed the style for that, too). I haven’t tested whether it is influenced by the change of the Notes panel style that I set or not (I’m not willing to reset all to default at this stage), but it may be.

Once I reset the keyboard shortcuts to default, though, they work as expected in the Notes panel.

I tested changing just the Paste shortcut (to Ctrl +Alt + V), without changing the default one for Paste and Match Style, and the new shortcut for Paste doesn’t work for the Notes panel at all, even after restarting the program. Ctrl + V and Ctrl + Shift + V work, though.

I tested changing both (Paste to Ctrl +Alt + V and Paste and Match Style to Ctrl + V), and on Ctrl + V, the app closes for some documents and works as Paste rather than Paste and Match Style for others. Ctrl + Alt + V simply inserts a capital V rather than clipboard text.

Thanks for posting! It looks like the actual issue is fairly simple (though that doesn’t mean simple to fix) – regardless of whether or not it has been reassigned, Ctrl-V will always execute the ‘Paste’ action. This happens whether or not anything else has been assigned the shortcut. So when you attempted to ‘Paste and Match Style’, you were just pasting again.

This is obviously a bug and has been filed. Thank you for catching it.