[LH3176|LH3149] Taskbar icon disappears in Fullscreen Mode

I’ve posted this one before, although after some tinkering I’ve managed to boil down the problem to make it a bit easier to understand. I’ve included images, although they’re too big to embed.

I use three monitors at my main workstation. When Scrivener is open, its taskbar icon appears as normal. Note the red rectangles.

Once Fullscreen mode is activated, Scrivener’s process changes and the taskbar icon disappears. Normally this isn’t noticeable because the taskbar isn’t visible in fullscreen mode anyway, but for users with multiple monitors, or who alt-tab without exiting fullscreen mode, it makes it appear that Scrivener is no longer running.

Windows 10 Home Premium, Scrivener Version: Beta (273516) 64-bit - 01 Aug 2018

I get this, too. Except I stupidly managed to click out of it and then Scrivener closed and wouldn’t reopen until I was forced to kill the process via Task Manager.

Also, I don’t know if it’s related or a separate bug entirely, but when you’re in Fullscreen mode, if your background opacity is set to 0 (in other words, no background color/image is visible at all), you can click on…anything. Like, if Scrivener is my only open window, I’m in Fullmode with the opacity set to 0, I can click on my desktop icons, etc. (I don’t think this is intended as it doesn’t work that way in the non-beta version.)

Thank you for the helpful pictures.

Both of these issues have been filed.

Typoglyphic - Thanks for the screenshots and explanation. I’m a little confused, though, as the third image shows composition mode among the available windows when you Alt-tab. What happens when you select that? Is it just not taking focus as it should?

Lanie - Yes, as Bryan said, the bug with the 0% opacity background has been filed; that’s not supposed to happen. :wink: Regarding the other issue, I’m not following what happened with “clicking out of it” and Scrivener then closing–could you clarify that? Or is that tied to the 0% opacity problem, and you weren’t able to refocus in composition mode? If you’ve got a backdrop and fully transparent page, that can be especially hard; you need to click right into the text to get the cursor back there, and then you can use the Escape key to exit and return to the main window. If it’s helpful, I posted a 1% opacity image in this thread for use as a “transparent” background that avoids triggering the bug.

Yes, it does resume focus like normal, but that is the only way to switch back to Scrivener when this happens. Note the taskbar icons at the bottom of the screen. I included that screenshot to demonstrate that Scrivener was open despite not appearing in the taskbar.

The other issue was, I believe, related to the no taskbar icon thing, and I’m 99.9% sure it was user error, haha.