[LH3189|LH3190] Quick Reference Bug/Issues (no min/max, snapshots manager inaccessible)

Found some issues and bugs with Quick Reference.

  1. There are no minimize/maximize form icons at the top - very helpful
  2. The drop down box for the inspector does not include “Snapshots”
  3. Selecting “Snapshots->Manager” from “Documents” does nothing. “Take Snapshot” does work.

Thanks for the report! I’ve filed the note about the missing Minimize/Maximize options; hopefully that can be made available for the window type. I’ve also filed the bug about the snapshot manager not opening from this menu.

Snapshots can’t be viewed within the Quick Reference inspector or in composition mode, so this is an intentional absence.

Yet we can view everything else in Quick Reference but Snapshots in the Inspector through the drop down box on the right hand side next to the split button. I recommend adding Snapshots here to make it complete with the rest of the program. Having Snapshot Manager (working) makes this feature at least usable with Quick Reference. Composition mode is a different animal so I don’t expect to mess with Snapshots there.

FYI: Min/Max option in Quick Reference is important for those of us using multiple screens. Manual resizing means less time focusing on writing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for logging the info.