[LH3194] Outliner issue

I can edit the Synopsis in the outliner (double-click, it lets you edit), but I cannot edit across lines in a single synopsis. That is, if I have a Synopsis with carriage returns in it, I cannot delete or edit across those in the Outliner.

Confirmed, it looks like the following:

  • Cursor at start of second line, pressing Backspace: Success
  • Cursor at end of first line, pressing Delete: Fail
  • Selection involving parts or all of more than one line and overtyping: Fail

Were there any other scenarios you noticed not working? Other editing seems to all be working as expected for me. Ctrl-Enter adds a new line, you can click into and edit individual lines (just not across them), etc.

I think those are the ones I noticed. Honestly, I normally don’t try to edit synopses in the Outliner, but I chanced to try it because they were there, and I was working there, and noticed the ones you list.

Thanks. This has been filed.