[LH3195] Comments won't go away

I’m pretty sure I reported this one before. This time I collected a little more info. The attached compilation of screen shots show…

  • A comment in green I wanted to get rid of.
  • Using the “x” at the top right to delete it, which appears to work fine.
  • Then adding a new comment.
  • Poof! The deleted comment comes right back.

I tried playing with deleting the paragraph mark for the paragraph the comment was originally applied to. As you can see, nothing I did worked.

Then I happened to notice the comment bubble appear as the mouse cursor floated over the paragraph mark of the previous paragraph.

I deleted the paragraph mark and then manually keyed it in again, and the comment finally was removed for good.

This has been filed. Thanks.

Just an FYI, I’m using Beta 24 now and just confirmed that this problem is still happening. Not a complaint, just to confirm.

I took to the habit of deleting the paragraph mark just prior to the place highlighted by a comment I deleted, which worked to keep it from reappearing. I just noticed that even if I don’t do that, a deleted comment no longer reappears.

So I’m calling this one fixed! Thanks guys!

Woops. Nope, not fixed, or it came back with the recent update. Still happening. At least I can get rid of them by deleting the preceding paragraph mark.

Still needs fixing.

As of the latest version, this one looks like it’s fixed.

Bumping this. It’s still happening, at least for me.

Yeah it went away and came back. I’m installing this morning, but as of it was still happening. It seems to happen only when an entire paragraph is selected when you create a comment.

The problem is that whatever internal marker is being used, when applied it includes the paragraph mark from the previous paragraph. Then when the comment is deleted, the paragraph mark from the previous paragraph remains marked. Then, when you create a new comment, the sidebar picks up that vestigial mark, too, and shows it as the comment that just won’t die, lol. The workaround is to delete the tainted paragraph mark and insert a new one.