[LH3201] Navigating the Binder with keyboard is impossible

I’m on Windows 10 1809 with Scrivener
When trying to navigate the binder using arrow keys on the keyboard, the selection moves one or two spots, then stops and the arrow keys become inoperable until I click the binder with my mouse. This makes re-ordering documents harder as I find it difficult to properly place documents with a click-drag of the mouse. I prefer using ctrl-arrows to move documents.

I changed from Solarized Dark to Default view to ensure that wasn’t the problem and it’s not. The problems still exists in multiple color views.

I’m pretty sure this is a general bug with Scrivenings mode, are you using that group view mode in the main editor? I come across this frequently, and when I switched to Corkboard I noticed I could Shift-Arrow select as much as I wanted to.

It seems like it started working again when I clicked on Corkboard view, like you said. As long as the folders show a corkboard view, I can navigate the binder fine with arrow keys. Thanks for the help. I guess the issue is the Folders getting stuck processing the containing documents when they are set to scrivenings. I don’t have a lot of nested documents, but I am writing a non-fiction book which has several sections within each chapter. Maybe 8 or 10 sections at the most and only a very few of those have sub-sections. I’ll make sure I keep it all on corkboard view in the future.