[LH3209] Underline links selection not applied on reopening Scrivener.

It seems that the default for Underline links in the main editor is true – links are underlined. If I open the preferences pane, go to the Appearance tab, then Main editor, the Underline links checkbox is unchecked (I’ve clicked it many times, so I don’t recall whether it’s default state was checked.)

To hide the underlines, I have to check and uncheck that box, the click Apply, then OK. (I think just clicking Apply. leaving the box unchecked, has the same result.) This does hide the links, but if I close the Scrivener and re-open it (I have it set to re-open the last project opened), the links are visible. When I go to preferences, the checkbox is unchecked, so I have to repeat the process to hide link underlines.

Very minor bug, but I wanted to report it anyway.

Scrivener Beta 64-bit
Windows 7 Home Premium

Thanks, this has been filed!