[LH3225] MathType image is not resizeable and huge ? (Beta 18)

Hi. I am working with a Windows Scrivener 1.x project that was opened and imported into Scriv 3.0 beta 18 for Windows. When first opened, the equations look fairly normal. Then I right-clicked on one of the equations and opened it in MathType (latest version) to edit. When I close and return to Scrivener, the image that MathType inserts is HUGE. I have tried right-clicking, double-clicking, dragging around, and I can’t seem to get the image back to a normal/manageable size.

Have I miss something or is this a possible issue?

Hi there. Just wondering what the situation is on this issue. I am running the latest pre-release version, but still cannot work with MathType equations. Kind of an issue because I write physics textbooks.

I have tried to delete the equation and redo it with the latest version of Scrivener. I’ve also discovered that the object itself (the image inserted) doesn’t act “like” an image. I.e., I cannot right-click on it to re-size.


I think it is resizeable, it’s just so huge the handle is off the screen, and since it has a different action attached to it (so you can edit them), you can’t access the normal panel to set the size by number.

I already have this issue logged. I believe the idea was to greatly magnify the image and then dynamically shrink it down so as to increase the quality over what gets generated at native size. It just looks like the first part of that was done but not the second!

MathType support will hopefully improve once the new owners of the software release their long awaited version 8 rewrite. The previous developers really didn’t give much thought at all to anyone using this tool other than Word users, or those developers using Word style programming interfaces (which we can’t really do).

Thanks Amber. I actually laughed out loud at the explanation. It makes perfect sense…Is there any way to get to the little handle to drag it? Even when I shrink the view down to teeny tiny the image stays the same size…
I suppose if things get desperate I can create some batch process to grab all the images and shrink them…

Try turning off Fixed Width in the Appearance: Main Editor settings tab, and then zooming out as far as you need to (using the “other” option to go lower than 50% if necessary).

That should not be necessary in fact, neither Page View nor Fixed Width should be acting the way they are. If an image is wider than their set display width, then the image should be dynamically resized to that width. I’ve logged that as well.

Awesome. That worked! I hate to tell you this, but the image is still blurry :frowning: However, this is good enough for me because I end up having to redo the equations for my publisher, so I just need a workable placeholder.

That is interesting about MathType. I look forward to seeing their next iteration…

Thanks so much for the help.

Yeah… about that. It’s pretty difficult to actually produce a good effect with the current state of things for three reasons:

  1. You really need to have an algorithm that is sharpening the edges or running a simple threshold filter to knock out the lightest grey parts and create a defined edge where grey becomes dark enough.
  2. It really helps to not have ClearType subpixel antialiasing in the original, so that also means a desaturation filter (though better would be to not have "sub"pixels).
  3. And for the workaround itself, finding the precise mathematical sweet spot that the equation should be returned to is guesswork when all you have is a visual slider and no pixel readback.

Hopefully the completed approach includes all of the above, and of course negates the need for (3) seeing as how we would be able to set the size precisely as it should be shown. It’s not going to be perfect, but it will be better than the 1:1 output MathType generates! You can kind of even tell from the oversized version, how jagged they are.

Yeah, me too. They have been working on it for a little over a year from what I can tell, maybe even a year and a half. It’s a complete rewrite, and we can only hope that they support vector based output, so that scaling rasters can be put to bed where they should be, back in the ’90s. My guess, if their development is cross-platform at all, is that it might be another six or eight months or so, based on how they have been cautioning Mac users to not upgrade to the latest OS this fall (it cuts off 32-bit support entirely, which the current version of MathType is).

So long as you just need placeholders, I think that’s all you can really expect from the relationship between Scrivener and MathType right now on Windows. So it’s good that’s all you need! Anyone needing actual print-quality equations should probably be looking for TeX-based solutions, even if just to generate high-quality graphics to place into the editor.

Just notice your reply, AmberV Thanks so so much for the detailed explanation.