[LH3235] Typing punctuation when inserting text seems to act as an overwrite

I’ve been encountering a really annoying occurrence when editing. Each time I insert text into a sentence I found that suddenly a word would disappear - not overtyped like if the insert key had been activated, but full-on disappear as if it had been highlighted and deleted.

I checked through various threads here and played with the overwrite setting in the preferences, but it kept happening. I now seem to have narrowed it down to punctuation.

As soon as I type a full stop or comma, the word directly after the punctuation disappears. But this only happens if there is no space following the comma.

For example, if I insert a clause at the start of a sentence, positioning the cursor directly before the first letter of the existing sentence, all is well until I type a comma and hit the spacebar. On hitting the space bar after the comma the word following the comma is deleted. Same thing happens with a full stop. But, if I do the same thing but put a space at the start of the sentence before I insert the new clause, so that there is no need to hit the spacebar after the punctuation, it doesn’t happen.

This does not happen in Word or any other program, so I am figuring it is a Scrivener issue rather than something funky I’ve done with my Windows settings? One thing I know for sure, though, s that it is very irritating.

A quick question regarding this. Can you see if “Correct spelling errors while you type” is checked in File > Options > Corrections ?

Thank you!

It was. Unchecked it and the problem has gone away. Not sure if that’s how you want that feature to behave but I’m happy :slight_smile: Thank you!

It is not, but that helps clarify where the issue is. Thanks!

This has been filed. Thanks for your help.